Bilara's Encounters

By Ronald

"Here girl, Here Bilara. Were are you Bilara?". Bilara, a real zoophile girl, came crawling on hands and knees to her master. She had been laying on her masters bed thinking of big hard dog cock and how she would enjoy being fucked by dogs many huge dogs fucking and sucking as many as she could. Bilara always thought about fucking dogs and what it would be like to be pregnant and give birth to some beautiful puppies like the picture she seen at the dog show.

Ronald was her master training her to be a bitch. A dog fucking bitch. In time she would learn the ways of a dog bitch whore. Ronald made that very clear to her when he paid 50.00 dollars for her at the dog show auction.

Bilara was always interested in animal sex and had fucked her dog Toro many times. This was different and still liked the idea of being trained to be a dogs whore. She was very happy that her girlfriends Tina and Marie would take care of Toro for her so she could try this new sexual experience.

Bilara remember it was only a couple of days since her master Ronald purchase her from the dog show. The dog show was just a front for what really happened behind the closed doors of the show. What got Bilara interested in the show was a sign that read. Wanted new Bitch's for breeding. Not really knowing what this was about she went to the desk were she asked for some information.

Bilara was told that this was an experiment in animal sex between women and dogs. She was told if she wanted to enter she would have to be judged for her worthiness and be sold at the auction to a master of which would have total control over her and train her for animal sex. She was told by the man for a small fee she could enter and watch a show of women performing sex acts with there lovers. Bilara very interested in the bizarre happenings and very excited paid her fee and enter the world of women and animal sex.

The room was dimly lit except for the stage were several women were in cages and lights shined on them. Stepping close as possible to the stage she watched as there masters would take them from there cage attach a collar around there neck with a leash attached then parade the ladies around the stage. She noticed all the women had to crawl on there hands and knees just like a dog.

Bilara was getting excited and wet between her legs as she watched the parade of naked ladies crawling naked on stage being lead around as dog bitches. Taking a deep breathe she looked up and noticed above the stage was a huge tapestry of a woman giving birth to puppies.

Oh fuck! What a site she thought looking at the display. She noticed one puppy was laying next to the ladies stomach curled in a small ball sleeping. This woman had her legs spread wide and a puppy was just coming out of her cunt as if to give birth while her fingers were pulling her cunt lips apart to make the birth somewhat easier. Two other puppies were sucking her tits with one puppy on each of her nipples she had a big smile and she seemed very pleased and happy giving birth.

Bilara's cunt was very wet and hot and she was impressed by the woman's mouth formed in a circle with a dog standing over her face his big red cock dripping dog cum in her mouth. Bilara's hand went inside her now wet panties and finger her cunt. She was fucking hot with lust she began to picture herself as this woman giving birth to some puppies.

Bilara hadn't noticed that Ronald was watching her because, she was so involved with all the sex taking place on stage and the picture above her. Ronald like what he saw in the young girl. Ronald wanted this girl to train. "He said to himself". He picture her as a dog bitch whore and dogs fucking this young hot cunt. Ronald loved dirty kinky sex and had train some other ladies for dog fucking but, not like this one that looked so eager to have animal sex.

Bilara was so excited and horny watching these naked women being lead around the stage and forced herself closer to the stage wanting to see everything.

She approached the stage just as big german sheppard was lead out and tried mount one of the women from behind. The lady on her hands and knees and telling the dog to mount her. Fuck me baby, come on fuck your mommy as the woman encouraged the dog her master padded her ass helping the animal find his mark..

The dogs cock was very wet and long deep red and was dripping pre cum. All at once with a quick leap on the woman's back the dog began poking with his cock at her wet spread cunt.

Bilara knew that was not her first time with the dog by the way he forced his thick red wet cock in the woman's waiting cunt. When the dogs cock enter the slut bitch's cunt she began to moan with pleasure OOOOHHH yes ,yes fuck me, fuck me baby. Bilara was very surprised at her own reaction. For a moment she almost could feel the dog cock enter her own cunt, with that thought she felt a hot wet gush of juices in her cunt.

She watch the fucking between the woman and dog till they both climaxed. Bilara now hot and horny and her own cunt was wet and hot. She wanted to see more.

Just then an announcement was made about the up coming auction. The announcement also explained the rules. They were very very simple all women that were interested in being sold as a bitch and be trained for animal sex were to register and get a number and would be sold to the highest bidder on a silent auction.

Ron had been watching Bilara. Ronald now went to her so we could be face to face and introduced Himself to the girl. Hello I'm Ronald. Hi my name is Bilara "she said". Bilara was surprised to see that a man was interested in her and that she was being watched. While they talked Ronald encouraged Bilara to go ahead and sign up and that he was very interested in her and would bid for her.

Not really sure what to make of this because, she was so horny and her cunt was throbbing and she knew this would be the only time she would have a chance to live this animal lust that she felt. Having all this lust for dog cock and the picture of the woman giving birth lead her to fill out the form. A great feeling of lust and passion came over her as she eagerly filled in the form and got her number. She was so horny and wet and very aroused thinking of Ronald the man that wanted her. Bilara went to the stage and waited her turn to be exposed to all the men and women.

Totally stripped of her clothes a collar was placed around her neck with a leash. The woman that just fucked the dog on stage came and took her leash and lead her on stage to be shown to potential buyers.

Ronald looked and watch at this new bitch being lead around the stage and was amused by her size. Very thin about a hundred five pounds and in her late teens maybe 20 years old at most. small tits but, very nice nipples that stood erect. When she walked her long legs would sway her small but, firm ass. Nice long brown hair and a very beautiful face. Yes she will be a great dog whore. "I will make her a good whore" Ronald said to himself. Ronald waited to the last minute to check the bids. Just as they were about to close the bids Ron placed his final bid and bought Bilara for 50.00 dollars. Ronald had a winner and the price was cheap. "Fuck Ron said" I know she will be a great bitch. She will bring me a lot of money in breeding stock.

Humiliating her was only part of the training. She had to understand that she was to be a dogs whore. Fucking dogs was just part of her life. She also had to please man in every desire they had also, because other women loved dogs and acted as dogs she had to be pleasing to all sexes female alike.

Now it was time to have my new bitch checked out. Come Bilara its time to go for your exam at the vet. Her master Ronald put her leather collar around her neck with her name engraved on a silver tag attached to the collar and on the back of the tag it had a phone number and an a engraving that read "I love to fuck dogs". I her put pads on her knees and gloves on her hands a small skirt which barely cover her cunt and ass also, a small top just to cover her tits as part of the trip to the vet. Ronald had Bilara crawl on all fours out the door to the car.

Bilara never realized this was part of her training and hoping no one would see this display of her as a dog bitch in public.

Fuck she didn't mind being tied up in the house and lead around naked but, outside were people could see was something she didn't want.

The car door open and she crawled in the back seat and was told to lie down. "Nice cunt". Ron said. Your a good girl Bilara as Ronald rubbed her smooth ass and reached to squeeze her tits and pinch her hard nipples. Ouch that hurt ;Bilara said; Never mind you cunt wait till you get to the vet. This exam will tell me if your a good bitch for breeding. I hope your asshole is ready for fucking because, I need your asshole ready for the dog cocks and your new world of being a whore.

Bilara laid on the back seat scared of what could happen if she did not comply with her masters wishes.

Within minutes they arrived at the vets office and Ron took the leash and lead her to the back door crawling on her hands and knees. Bilara noticed the vet was the same man she had seen at the dog show. "Ronald you paid fifty dollars for this skinny cunt asked the vet". Yes sir "Ron said" Put the bitch on the table for her exam. "said the vet".

Bilara now on the examining table on all fours was placed with her head in a halter and clamped tight so she couldn't move her head. Her inner thighs were spread wide to expose her cunt and asshole. Wide enough so she good be probed. He also put a rubber dog cock in her mouth and strapped it to her collar so she couldn't talk. The rubber cock became a fixture in her mouth and only removed when her master would allow it.

The vet began his exam of Bilara. Her asshole was lube for the anal exam. First one finger was placed in her asshole then two he kept spreading her asshole until he could insert his fist. Bilara was in pain with her ass being stretched so far open but, there was nothing she could do being tied like she was. Not only was her ass gapping wide the vet was fondling her insides as if she were a toy. With his fist deep in her asshole he inserted a tube an gave her an enema. Shit was running from her bowels and down her legs onto the table. Embarrassed about the mess she made on the table and upset hoping the fondling would stop.
It didn't the men didn't care they just laughed at her while the vet continued to fist fuck her asshole.

The abuse continued for awhile longer as the vet examine her tits and cunt. Now the vet inserted two fingers in her cunt hole and stretched her cunt so he could force his hand deep into her cervix and womb while playing with her insides and fist fucking her cunt. While doing so he explained to Ronald that Bilara had a great cunt and would breed very well if he decided to have her bred. She would be great and capable of caring a litter of pups. Ronald agreed. I want the bitch to have puppies. Bilara felt the vet playing with her insides as he continued to fist fuck her stretching her even more placing both his hands inside her cunt hole as if he was taking her womb out.

The vet removed his hands from her sore stretched cunt and giving Ronald instructions. Ronald keep her weight at 100 to 105 lbs run the bitch for exercise and have her fucked as much as possible anal sex only. She heard the vet tell Ronald he would insert a doughnut in her asshole so her asshole could be stretched. Remove the ring only when having anal sex.

The doughnut was a ring that expanded with a turn of a key. The vet place the doughnut in Bilara asshole and her sphincter muscles conformed to the ring. Her ass was in pain with the insertion of the doughnut but, well lubed with some warm oil. The vet showed Ronald how to use the special key. With the key in place he turned the key and expanded her asshole to about 25 mm about 1 inch. He removed the key and handed it to Ronald. Ronald was instructed to turn the key every morning one turn and the goal was to stretch her asshole to the size of 130mm about 5 inches over a period of a week or so.

Ronald got more instructions from the vet about keeping her asshole clean with enemas, and gave him vitamins and a liquid protein to keep her healthy.

Bilara was now hosed down with warm water and wipe dry and was released from her halter. Come Bilara we can go home now. "Her master said". Bilara in rage reached to remove the dog cock that was placed in her mouth to keep her quiet and unhooked it and threw it on the floor. In a loud voice called her master a FUCKING PRICK!

Ron pulled Bilara roughly out the back door by her leash that was still attached to her collar. Bilara was fighting somewhat. Ronald forced her in the back seat of the car at same time the vet help by giving her shot to calm her down. Within seconds she passed out on the back seat.

Ron drove home and parked the car and carried Bilara into the house and into the lower level. Ron laid her on the floor and waited for her to recover from the shot. Meanwhile, Ronald called the vet and told Jane his assistant what he needed from her and to come over right away that Bilara needed to be ringed.

While Ron waited for Jane to arrive Ron open the doors on the wall which hid his shackles and wall rack that was used for discipline. Bilara was his and she would fined out that he was the master.

Jane arrived and help him with Bilara. They sat Bilara on the couch and gave her water to drink which help her recoup. Now with the help of Jane Ron tied her wrists to the wall above her head at a wide angle. Her feet were placed on moveable blocks and her ankles were tied to the blocks. Ronald could spread these blocks apart and lock them as wide as he needed. Bilara was tied but, supported by the blocks. Ron moved them apart till she was spread wide and in the shape of a big X on the wall. He stripped all her clothes and placed the rubber dog cock in her mouth.

Bilara totally awake now and hanging naked on the wall had no idea what was to happen to her. She looked at Ronald for some explanation.

I am your Master and you are in my control. Do you understand you fucking cunt? You will do as I say and will be a dogs whore and my bitch.

Jane Interrupted , Ronald can I have Bilara for awhile she is so lovely?. Bilara didn't know what to think and found out very quickly. Ronald knew Jane and that she loved sucking cunt after all he trained her to be a whore. Okay you can have some time with her. I'll look at the rings you brought .

Bilara very surprised. Jane was the girl in the dog show picture giving birth to the puppies.

Jane quickly undress and approached Bilara hanging on the wall. Slowly she fondled her tits and and kissed them tenderly as she fondle her tits her hands drop to play with her spread cunt lips.

Bilara closed her eyes and began to enjoy Jane's tenderness. Jane moved down the young girls body with lust and eagerness wanting to suck her sweet pussy. Jane's mouth kissed bilara's cunt and her tongue pressed into her parted cunt lips slowly. Jane sucked and licked Bilara's soft hairy cunt. The sweet juices of Bilara's cunt produced for Jane was more then she could handle. Jane fingered her own hot cunt and sucked Bilara's till the both of them climaxed.

Bilara enjoyed every moment of Jane's hot lips and tongue working her cunt making her hot and wet. Jane forced her face again deep in the young girls cunt and sucked hard bring her to another climax.

Bilara loved the cunt sucking climax she had and with the spasms of her cunt she could feel her asshole spasm against the doughnut in her asshole.

Okay Jane are you done sucking my bitch whores cunt? " Ronald asked." Yes, I'm done she replied. Ronald she is so fucking sweet I want her cunt. I love her cunt. Can I please have her again? begging Ronald. "yes you may have her again Ronald said"

Jane, I want the gold rings the 25mm size about 1 inch and four of them. I also what the gold chain to tie her cunt shut she's not getting cunt fuck by anyone or any dog till she learns how to be a bitch whore.

Your the master,and with that Jane washed Bilaras cunt and proceeded to do her job.

Bilara couldn't believe what she saw and there was nothing she could do. With Bilara's cunt spread wide open and hanging on the wall Jane quickly pierced Bilaras cunt in four places. The rings attached and pierced both outer and inner lips of her cunt.

Bilara jerked her body with each pierce of her tender cunt lips. It hurt yet she felt some what pleased by tingling feeling in her cunt. Jane had pierced many cunts and tits on many other girls. She could this with little pain to the girl. When Jane was done she stepped back to admire her work, two beautiful gold rings on each side of her Bilara's beautiful cunt spaced equally from top to bottom of her slit.

Jane asked Ronald only to pay for the rings the gold chain was free if she could have the young girls cunt again at a later date. Ronald agreed with Jane's wishes after all Bilara was his whore to do as he pleased.

Jane kissed bilara's newly pierced cunt tenderly and licked her tits before she left.

Ronald now had to discipline Bilara. he took his special riding crop off the wall and with two quick slaps one on each of Bilara's tits. She tried to yell but, couldn't the rubber cock in mouth stop all of her speech. Ron told her harshly she would learn to fuck and suck dog cocks, eat cunts, lick dog asses and fuck anything and everything.

Another hard slap this time right between her newly pierced cunt lips. Quickly he turned the riding crop around and used the thin handle and slap her between the cunt lips again this time he caught her piss hole. With pain she felt it forced her to piss on the floor. The floor wet from her piss Ronald looked at her in discussed. Bilara you fucking whore I should make you lick the your piss off the floor. I paid fifty fucking dollars for your ass just so I could train you for dog fucking. I will have you fucked and bred just like the women in the picture at the dog show. Now do you understand you fucking whore?

Bilara was sore from the pain of the riding crop that stung her cunt. She knew that she had really pissed off her master and she had forgotten the dog show. This is what she wanted to learn. How to fuck dogs and to be bred as a bitch whore.

For the next two weeks she was abused and humiliated. Every morning her cunt was cleaned and cared for because of the cunt piercing. Then Ronald would attach the thin chain through the four gold rings and criss cross the chain to tie her cunt tightly shut. Next her asshole was stretched with the special key and doughnut and given all her protein and vitamins.

Her collar and leash would be attached around her neck most of the time. Because of her bad attitude she lost all the privileges of wearing clothes and knee pads from this day she would be totally naked. Bilara had to lie in the back seat naked until they got to the park. Once at the park totally naked would crawl around on hands and knees just like a dog with master holding the leash.

If she had to piss she just let it leak from her cunt the best she could because, the chains tied her cunt shut so she couldn't be fucked by any dogs. She was allowed to squat and piss or to relieve her bowels if needed.

Bilara was crawling around when an old homeless man came by and asked what was the girl doing being naked crawling like a dog. Bilara watched as Ronald talk to man off to the side out of her hearing range. She heard both men laughing and then shake hands to some agreement. Okay Bilara the old man wants to fuck you. I told him you were in training. Do your job and take care of him.

Bilara looked at the old man now sitting on a bench with pants off and legs lifted in the air exposing his cock and asshole. Bilara heard Ronald's voice and the pull on the leash come on girl the man what's you please him. Her master instructed her what to perform.

Bilara began by sucking his cock. With her face close to his balls she could smell the sweat and shit from the unclean mans asshole. Forced to suck his balls and tongue his piss hole she did as her master ordered. The old man now lifted his legs high and exposed his asshole to her she knew she had to lick and suck his dirty shit hole or feel the sting of the riding crop on her cunt.

Bilara suck and cleaned the old mans balls with her tongue and tongue his shit hole and suck him clean all the while the man jack himself off. The old man jacked off and shot his load of sperm in her face as he did she continued to clean the old man's cock and piss hole until Ronald told her to stop.

The old man pulled up his pants and thank Ronald for his generosity and asked if he could do her again. Ronald smiling agreed the old man could do her again.

Ronald gave his slut bitch some water and praised her for being a good whore for the old man. As she was being praised for the fuck job she did out of the bushes ran a couple of dogs they came running and began sniffing her cunt and asshole.

Okay boys take it easy "Ronald said" Ronald took the key from his pocket and inserted the key and removed the doughnut from Bilara's asshole. Okay boys fuck the bitch come on fuck her. He encouraged the dogs to fuck Bilara. Bilara couldn't move far at all because of her masters leash. One dog jump on her back and poking his cock at her asshole looking for the opening of her round sore asshole. The other dog lick her face and jump on her side knocking her over and tried to bit her tits as if they were a piece of meat. Quickly she turn over back on her hands and knees without noticing another dog jumped on her back. Master stop them begged Bilara there hurting me. He wouldn't't stop them instead he heard Ronald encouraging the dogs to fuck her asshole.

Now the old man had returned with his friend and both were watching and laughing as the dogs ravished her body. As they ran around her she seen one was a big lab and his red thick cock was dripping wet. Ronald with the help of the old men had the dog mount her. The dogs huge cock rammed into her asshole deep and was fucking her fast and hard trying to climb higher on her back forcing his cock deeper into her stretched asshole.

Just as his already huge cock was fucking her asshole his hard cock swelled more and knotted her stretching her asshole even larger. Other dogs tried to intervene with his fucking of Bilaras' asshole and his new found bitch whore that he tried to fight them off. With his huge knot in Bilara's asshole he pulled back dragging his bitch like a rag doll at the same time filling her with his cum. With a big pop ripped his cock from her ass and ran after the the other dogs leaving Bilara asshole sore red and full of cum.

Bilara's asshole was full of dog cum and very sore. Her tits were scratched from the dogs toe nails and she was all dirty from being pulled around in the dirt.

Yeah, go ahead and have fun she heard Ronald tell the old men.

Just as she turn to see were they were the two old men started pissing on her covering all of her body mostly on her face and tits. She tried stop them only to received a mouthful of hot piss as continued pissing on her drenching her with all there hot smelly piss. When they were done they laughed and thank Ronald for his kindness and left.

Ronald now laughing at her piss soaked muddy body telling her she looked like a fucking pig. "He said" Maybe you shouldn't be a dogs whore maybe fucking pigs is more your style. You look like a pig fucker. On your knees you cunt as he inserted the doughnut in her sore dirty asshole and with the key stretched her hole open again and replaced the rubber cock in her mouth. With her muddy and piss soaked body Ronald made her walk naked to the car were he gave her a blanket to cover with while they drove home.

Bilara ass was sore from her early dog fucking and abuse from the old men. Ronald told her that there would be more hard training to come her way. Bilara showered and when she was done Ronald removed the doughnut and took her naked body in the master's room were he fucked her asshole and spend his hot cum in her face. Then replaced the doughnut and rubber cock in her mouth. Ronald fucked her every night or made Bilara suck his cock as part of the training. She knew he just loved fucking her asshole and mouth.

Ronald explained in his own nasty way "Bilara he said." Tonight bitch there will be many more dog cocks for you. A whole night of fucking. Many many dog cocks will fuck your stretched asshole. Oh yes the rubber dog cock you have in your mouth will be replaced by a real hard dog cock with lots of dog cum for you to eat and swallow. What do think of that you sweet fucking whore. She couldn't answer with the rubber cock in her mouth.

Bilara couldn't't imagine what the night would bring. She knew she would be fuck hard and by many dogs. Ronald always kept his word about her training.

Bilara was aloud to shower and clean herself again while her master prepared there evening meal.

They always dinned together one of her few pleasures were she could sit and didn't have the rubber cock in her mouth although, the doughnut in her ass stayed.

After the meal was served Bilara was shown were she was to perform that night. Another room she hadn't seen. A large mirrored room with all the bondage pariphnial plus a large cage for her.
She was to be in a dog cage for all sexual purposes and would be tied in so only her asshole was exposed just for her anal fucking. Her head was in a halter and secured so she could suck cock of the the beasts that would be presented to her and that she would have to service with her mouth.

The time arrived and Ronald had Bilara placed in her cage and tied in place a small padded stool was placed under her belly for support. She would be in great demand tonight and all the beast that were invited man and dog would fill her full of there hot cum. Facing a large mirror Bilara could see everything behind her whether it be a dog or man. Her asshole was well lubed for all the fucking she was to have and her cunt chains were tighten so no penetration of her cunt could be had.
Jane was there to help Ronald as always making sure of final details for Bilaras master. Jane of course was always willing to help and being a whore for Ronald. A roll she enjoyed and would as long as Ronald needed her. Bilara felt good around Jane after all she was good at sucking cunt and she fist fucked her very well. She Jane was only following orders when she pierced her cunt with the gold rings that now tied her cunt shut.

Ronald came in to check on Bilara. With a rub on her ass Ronald said " make me proud Bilara be the best whore you can be tonight." Bilara didn't say a word although, she could have she didn't have the rubber cock in her mouth. Bilara choose only to smile in the mirror so her master could see her agreement.

Bilara was upset with herself. She wanted this animal sex and dog fucking but, didn't seem to be able to enjoy all the exposure that was given to her.

All at once she heard a man voice from the doorway. She could see the dog and man walk towards her. The dog jump on the platform behind her sniffed her asshole then mounted her to have his way with his bitch. Damm his cock was thick as he forced it in Bilara. She could feel it deep in her asshole and ramming her hard. Within seconds he knotted her then shot his load of cum deep in her asshole. His knot released it self from her asshole only to have another dog jump her and ram his cock deep into her again. Not only was her asshole being fucked. Men and women would bring there animals to the platform in front of her so she could suck and lick there cocks.

Mostly there owners were pleased to watch her perform while they forced there big thick dog cocks in her mouth laughing when the cum was dripping from her sore swollen mouth or running down her face from the facials she received. Bilara had no idea how long this would last and wanted to stop to rest. Then a beautiful middle aged lady approached her.

This women was totally naked looking very sexy with a very nice shape slender with long dark hair and huge tits. She was caring a small white poodle when she approached Bilara. The women's one tit was bigger then her small poodle which made Bilara smile.

She climb the platform and placed her cunt in Bilaras face. Very softly the woman spoke "eat my cunt you whore and suck my juices from my sweet fuck hole". Bilara loved her cunt the taste was sweet and clean. After a few minutes she removed herself. She placed the poodle in front of Bilara. Again softly told her to suck his little cock and balls as she spoke to her dog. See baby she's a little piggy girl she likes sucking doggie cocks even small ones like yours. Enjoy my baby's cock you little piggy girl. Bilara suck and licked the small dog dick till the women removed herself and her dog walking away saying to the poodle you can fuck mommy tonight kissing the dogs cock. Turning to Bilara with the dog in hand. Thank you for the cunt suck.

Bilara now realized she was not having any fun because, she was thinking of all the bad that happened to her before. She was only caged because her master couldn't trust her. Bilara had to gain his trust. Instead of being so tense she decided to relax herself. She worked on enjoying the sex given her. She smiled into the mirror. She knew Ronald was watching her every move from behind the mirror. Now she eagerly began sucking the big dog cocks licking there big balls smiling when there masters made the dogs cum in her face. Not only did she take on all the dogs but, other men and women even the perverted drunken men that paid extra just to piss in her face.

Hours passed and the fucking and sucking continued. Bilaras asshole was sore and red. Her mouth and tongue felt like a soaked dish rag from all the dog cum and piss she swollowed.

Then she heard Ronald's voice telling Jane get her showered and oiled.

Finally released from the cage. Jane did as she was told also hoping she could have Bilaras sweet cunt once more that night. Bilara was totally exhausted and to weak for more sex. After her shower Ronald said she would sleep in the master suite. Bilara was happy knowing she pleased her master. Ronald came in to check on her and kissed her on the forehead goodnight sweetheart "he said".

Bilara was awaken by Jane not knowing what the time or day it was she.Quickly eat and shower Jane told her. She shower quickly and dried herself totally naked went to the kitchen. OH FUCK! "she said ". At the table waiting for her was the quack vet.

Before she could eat the vet had to examine her. Down on the floor she went hands and knees. The vet loved putting his hand up her asshole and fisting her strectening her ass playing with her bowels. Now with no cunt chains on he forced his hands deep up her cunt and played with her insides stretching her cunt as if it were a rubber tube. For some reason she couldn't feel his hand in her cunt like she had in the passed not knowing why. The reason being was at the first visit to the vet a sack was placed in belly which already had the seed and sperm for the puppies. Bilara's womb was just the oven to keep them warm and to develop.

The vet finished his examine and told Ronald get everything ready that today she's going to have puppies.

Bilara said nothing just laughed and smiled to herself. Fucking quack vet what does he know about fucking dogs and giving birth, she wanted to laugh in his face but,didn't want to upset her master so she did nothing.

Jane after hearing what the vet had said left quickly leaving Bilara to have her lunch alone and taking her usual protein and vitamins.

Bilara honey "said Ronald" today your going to experience some changes in your body and your going to feel sick for a short period of time don't worry I will be here for you. I assure you nothing bad will happen to you. You'll be alright and after your ill feeling subsides and you will regain your strength have plenty of energy. You will love your new sexual feelings.

Bilara totally confused and scared by what she was told could only hope her master was truthful and would take good care of her.

Jane came to the kitchen were Bilara was sitting. Come on honey lets go lie down. Bilara started to rise from the chair and began to feel weak. Jane called for Ronald and he quickly carried her to the master bedroom.

Jane covered her with a light blanket and snuggled near her whispering in Bilaras ear. Bilara honey your going to a star in a film. I have to make you look beautiful just like a star.Not knowing what was happening Bilara allowed Jane to do whatever she had to.

Jane removed the blanket and pampered her with warm oil. Her body fully oiled her cunt chains had been removed and Jane applied makeup to her face. With hair in pig tails and pink ribbons for accents her lips in hot glossy pink and glossy eye liner. Earrings and necklace was applied for finishing touches. Bilara was hot and desirable.

Jane told Bilara there would be no doughnut in her asshole and no cunt chains and everything was to be filmed. Bilara this is your birthing room and yes you will give birth to some puppies just like I have.

Jane? what else will happen?, "Bilara asked". Don't worry everything is okay honey.

All at once Bilara became very warm and her tits enlarged her nipples harden and stood erect. Her tits looked like large baseballs her asshole began to spasm. The ill feeling followed just like Ronald said it would. Her whole body was hot and shaking she could feel her cunt spasm in time with the spasms of her asshole. I'M CUMMING! I'M CUMMING! OH FUCK. Bilara could feel her cunt expanding and become wet her asshole spasmed along with her cunt.

Jane quickly spread Bilaras legs and fastened them in stirrups on the side of the bed. Bilara look up at the ceiling "Jane said"

Bilara looked up and saw a mirror on the ceiling. Bilara's body was hot her cunt wet and hot and spasming. She looked up in the mirror and watched herself giving birth. Her cunt was spread wide open just as she saw in the picture at the dog show. Now as she climaxed she could see her stretched cunt in the mirror as one little puppy forced his way out of her soaking dripping wet cunt. Bilara now was burning with passion her tits were leaking breast milk her heart was racing like a girl being fucked for the first time. She loved the feeling she had, her cunt was climaxing along with her asshole. She could see her outer cunt lips were swollen and her clit was hard and growing. OOOHHHH FUCK! I love this feeling she screamed. FUCK, FUCK, FUCK as she squirmed and repeated FUCK, FUCK her whole body was moving and her cunt was stretching larger then another puppy slid from her hot dripping cunt.

Jane quickly removed the puppies and her feet from the stirrups and left Bilara to finish her climaxing.

Bilara still in heat and thrashing around on the bed playing with her tits and finger fucking her cunt hole hot and horny begging and yelling I NEED A BIG COCK, I WANT COCK, I'M A FUCKING WHORE BITCH, I WANT TO FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK! with all the excitement Jane came back to settle Bilara down. She began rubbing her tits and stomach with some soft cunt kissing and tit sucking Jane was able to calm Bilara down.

Bilara still hot and horny played with her cunt. Feeling her clitoris and how large it was noticed it protruding from the hood of her cunt. OOOOHHHH Jane what happened? "she asked". Jane told her that all the protein she had was partly a hormone also, it was to enhance her sexual feelings. Bilara you will be easily aroused and your clit will get bigger some where around 40 to 30 mm about 2 inches long and thicker, your piss hole also become sensitive and along with all your own great passion. YEEEAH honey you'll want to fuck and suck everything and anything forever. I know, I love the feeling.

Bilara Ronald is very pleased with you so don't do anything to upset him "said Jane". Tonight at the dog show you will perform with Ruby and that's all I can tell you now.

That night at the dog show Bilara and Ronald were taken into an office were Bilara was stripped naked for the show. Two men checked Bilaras body feeling and pawing her asshole and tits also; checking her now large clit which looked like a small cock sticking out of her swollen cunt lips they fondle her clit and she was quickly aroused and began to piss. Her cunt lips swelled making her horny and very excited tighten the cunt rings in her lips.

Ronald came back from the office with some papers and looked at the guys that were fondling Bilara. What the fuck are you doing to my bitch demanded Ronald? With that they replied we had to check her out for tonight's performance.
leaving the office and now out side standing naked and bare ass. Bilara asked "What the fuck was that about?" Its okay to perform.

Bilara honey, Its about you and Ruby. Didn't Jane tell you? Jane never said what I was to do only said I would perform on stage.

Bilara you are going on stage to take on Ruby. Ruby is the head liner of this show and is a huge fucking dog.
Okay, Okay," Bilara said" What do I have to do? Bilara and Ronald never had conversations on anything. This was a first for Bilara and actually enjoying the freedom to talk.

Bilara, all the dog fucking you have done up till now is nothing compared to this dog Ruby. He is huge and no woman has ever taken him completely.

Ronald coudn't explain anymore as she was hurried next to the stage and prepared for the evenings event. Again made up as she was for her birthing with make up and jewelry and her hair in pig tails. She then had a collar placed around her neck and was taken on stage by a woman and paraded around the stage naked for all the crowd to see. Then strapped to a X cross and spread wide open exposing her swollen cunt and beautiful new erect clitoris that looked like a small dog cock. Her cunt lips so swollen filling the gold rings making them taunt and shinning under the bright lights. People cheered and applauded They love the site of her naked body and her big clit. While women admired her cunt and the men fondle the women next to them it didn't matter who's which woman they fondled they were all sluts.

The crowd loudly chanting now FUCK HER RUBY, FUCK HER RUBY, FUCK HER RUBY then a big applause from the crowd as Ruby was lead on stage.

Bilara was taken off the X cross and placed on a small seat with a back rest which easily tip back again exposing all of her cunt and ass to the crowd. With her legs spread wide opened a small cord was placed in the upper gold ring and wrapped around her thigh and attached to lower one on each side of her cunt spreading her cunt lips even further apart showing her fuck hole and big long clit to the people. Her cunt was well lube and made ready for full penetration of any object or cock that would be inserted in her. Now her legs were lifted just high enough to expose her gapping asshole. Her head was placed on a soft pillow. Somewhat comfortable as she was tied at the ankles and thighs holding her spread open.

The woman now lead Ruby around the stage walking him passed Bilara several times.

Bilara watched Ruby walk around the stage. Yes, this fucking dog is huge maybe 150 pounds or more heavier than she also; was taller then any other dog she had seen bigger then a dane. His legs were very powerful with a strong wide chest. Ruby was lead to were Bilara was exposed on her seat. Ruby jump up placing his front legs on the pads above her head and with his body totally over hers she saw his cock. OH fuck, it was huge and Ruby red. Now she knew why he was called Ruby. This beasts cock was 60mm plus in diameter 2 1/2 inches and 10 inches long with balls that hung and swayed like baseballs and full of hot cum. The woman fondle Bilara's clit making her very hot and wet with her cunt wet and spasming Ruby rammed his cock into her cunt and began fucking hard. Bilara took a deep breathe as his huge cock enter her cunt. She held her breath till her cunt excepted his huge cock. He fucked and rammed her cunt hard. While Ruby was fucking Bilara a harness was placed around Ruby's body and strapped to his under side. Bilara grabbed the sides of the harness to stable herself. She felt the ties being released from her ankles and thighs.

Now with Ruby's 10 inch cock deep in her cunt and Bilara hanging on to the harness the seat was removed from under her. Ruby walked around the stage with Bilara hanging from the underside of Ruby. Her cunt was impaled on Ruby's cock which held her ass and cunt in place. She wrap her legs around Ruby to keep from falling off his cock. Holding the harness tight he walked around the stage displaying his bitch to the people. As Ruby walked around Bilara's clit rubbed against his cock making her want his cock even more. Bilara now talking to Ruby asking for more of his big cock .FUCK ME RUBY, FUCK ME, FUCK MY HOT CUNT.

He walked back to the platform were Ruby knotted her forcing his huge knot in her cunt shooting his load of hot cum deep in her belly. Bilara could feel the tip of his cock against the inside of her belly almost in her womb as he filled her insides with his juices. His swollen knot was rubbing her large clit making her wild with excitement. So excited she began pissing this made her even more wild and horny. Bilara shaking and beginning to climax and still pissing on Ruby's cock was yelling loudly FUCK ME RUBY, FUCK ME,FUCK ME, I WANT YOUR BIG FUCKING COCK, OHHHH FUCK ,FUCK FUCK!

Bilara didn't have time to relax when Ruby released her. Ruby just as he was trained crawled up her body jabbing at her mouth with his huge wet cock looking for another cunt to fuck even if it was her mouth.

The weight of Ruby's body held her down as he poked at her mouth. The woman secured Ruby's cock in her hands then into Bilara's open mouth. She help the beast enter Bilaras wet hot mouth. Bilara hot with passion took all she could in her mouth choking and gagging on the huge cock. Buried under this huge dog not able to move she breathed only through her nose knowing he would shoot more cum in her mouth soon. Ruby fucked her mouth just like he did her cunt hard and fast.

People gathered on stage to watch her suck this big cock. Others spread Bilaras legs apart to see her huge erect clit and gold cunt rings also fondling her. She began to climax because of all the fondling. One lady noticed Bilara piss hole expanding. Even with the cunt rings exposing Bilara's cunt wide open the women pulled Bilaras cunt lips apart so all could watch as Bilara pissed a hot stream of piss onto the stage.

Bilara pissing on stage excited all the whores that watched and with her exposed naked body played with themselves and waited for the big cock in her mouth to explode filling her with hot cum. Within seconds his cock choked her and filled her mouth full of cum. Ruby's body heavy on Bilara's stomach forced her to swallow his cum choking on his big cock. Ruby released his bitch's mouth. Bilara choking and gagging on his cum and forcing some hot cum up her nose into her sinuses.


Bilara fucking still hot, horny and wet from the cock sucking she just finished on Ruby. Cum dripping from her tits and mouth, she wanted to fuck more.

Bilara looked to the side and saw Ronald on stage coming to her with King. Bilara he said. "This is why your asshole was stretched so big". You can take his cock deep in your asshole. Bilara with deep fucking lust looked at King. His cock big and long dripping cum and panting knowing he was going to fuck this bitch.

Bilara offered her ass to King spreading her own ass checks with her hands. COME ON KING FUCK ME LIKE THE WHORE I AM. GIVE ME YOUR COCK YOU ASS FUCKER. King mounted her and with the help of the woman his cock enter Bilaras waiting asshole. One hard lunge from King and his cock was deep in her asshole fucking hard and fast. King was lifting her off the floor with each thrust ripping at her asshole pushing her ass making her slide across the floor. The chant began again from the people FUCK HER,FUCK HER, FUCK THE BITCH, FUCK THE WHORE, SLUT, WHORE FUCKER.

Bilara's asshole was sore and stretched when he forced his knot into her filling her asshole with his hot cum.

Bilara waited till Kings knot released her asshole from his huge red cock then turned and pulled the dogs cock between his hind legs and squatted down behind the beast. While a woman held the dogs head steady Bilara began sucking and licking his big red dick lean.

Bilara now squatting shit on the floor dropping all the hot dog cum and shit from inside her filled bowels and after releasing her bowels she now dropped to her knees spread her cunt lips and pissed another hot steam of piss on the floor rubbing her big clit and laughing. Looking at the people she scoop up her shit filled with dog cum and rubbed it on her tits and face.

A huge cheer went up from the crowd as they gave there approval . Ronald came running and laughing on stage to Bilara. He lead her off stage telling her how great she was. You made me proud honey "your a beautiful fucking whore" "He said". OOOOHHHH your so sweet. Bilara was weak from all the sex she just had so Ronald quickly wrapped a blanket around her and they left the show.

While they drove home Bilara asked Ronald about her big clitoris. Will it stay big and long? "She asked" Ronald assured her that it would stay thick and long and she would always be easily aroused. Bilara clasp her clit in her hand with a big smile on her face loving the feeling of her new big clitoris she fell asleep.

The next morning Jane woke Bilara telling her she had to get ready that Ronald had a surprise for her. Quickly and excited she ready herself and with Jane's help making sure she looked very sexy. Her body was oiled and make up applied along with her freshly shaved cunt which high lighted her gold cunt rings which enhanced her long thick clitoris. Her long hair was curled and aloud to hang almost to her shoulders and with all her hot pink make up on she looked very beautiful and slutie. After Bilara was all ready Jane quickly applied her finishing touches to her face and body. Both girls naked and looking slutie enter the study were Ronald was seated naked in his high back chair. Jane was first to approach Ronald leaning over and kissing him on the mouth then down to his cock and kissing and mouthing his cock gently. She looked up in his face. I love you master "said Jane".

Ronald had Jane sit in his chair and lean back spreading her legs. Jane show Bilara your clit ring. Jane spread her cunt and with some stimulation her clit protruded out from her hood. Bilara very excited to see Jane's clit stand erect. Looking closely she saw the gold ring wrapped tightly around her clit. Bilara I have a surprise that I think you will enjoy. Ronald asked Jane for the small case which contain a gold ring. "Ronald said" This is for your beautiful clit. You will wear this ring just as Jane does for all your sexual pleasure. Sit down and spread your cunt so I can ring you. Bilara exposed her cunt and clit. Ronald forced the ring on her long thick clit making Bilara very excited and aroused. Jane fell to her knees in front of Bilara and kissed her newly ringed clit. Bilara was so happy she jump up and down with excitement and kissing and hugging Ronald. Turn around Bilara look behind you "Ronald said".

Bilara turned to see Marie and Tina standing naked in the doorway. WOW! OH FUCK YES! "Bilara yelled in excitement" The three naked girls ran to each hugging and kisses each other in hot passion. Tina screaming "I love you Bi I love you I missed eating your sweet cunt and all the fist fucking we do". "Bi you fucking whore was Marie's comment" as she pushed Bilara to the floor forcing her cunt in BI's face "Eat me you bitch "Marie said". The three girls went into a deep lustful heat. Tina with her hair in pigtails and Marie with long blonde hair entangle there heads together with there friend BI. Tina reached for Jane's hand pulling her to the floor. Come on and join us whores and sluts. Jane dropped to the floor with the other three girls. Slowly they turn and laid in a circle with there faces in each other cunts. All Ronald could hear was the slurping and moaning of the girls as they dined on the juices of one another's cunts.

After several minutes Ron I broke there lustful cunt eating session and let Toro enter the room. Bi went nuts when Toro ran to her she hug and kissed him. Toro was excited also and his cock was hanging out of its sheath. Toro ran to all the girls sniffing there pussies several times. The girls laid back on the couch and spread there legs letting Toro smell all the juices. Toro jump up on Jane and Rammed his big red cock into Jane's waiting hot cunt. Jane loved fucking dogs and was very excited to get his cock. NO Toro! No Toro! "Bi said". Tina and Marie laughed at Bi. Marie spoke first telling Bi you cheated on Toro you fucked other dogs you were his whore and he knows you cheated on him. Marie quickly acknowledged Tina's comments and then added her own saying you better makes amends with him Bi I think sucking his cock when he is through fucking Jane may help you get back on the good side of Toro.

Bi waited and watched Toro fucking her new friend Jane. When Toro finished Jane without knotting her he pulled himself away. Quickly Bi laid him down on his side and began sucking his cock taking all of Jane's juices and Toro's hot cum down her throat. Her friends watched BI doing Toro's hot cock and while they watched from the couch sitting side by side finger fucked one another kissing and moaning in hot lustful passion.

Jane asked "Ronald are you going to show Bilara what else she is capable of doing"?

Yes I will Jane after I take care of the important business. We can do that tonight also; you girls can go shopping in the meantime.

All the girls were happy because Jane was told to pay for everything a treat from Ronald. Bilara laughing out loud told the girls she had been naked for weeks and not worn any clothes because she was in training all that time. They all left for the day of shopping very excited.

Later that night when all the girls returned from the shopping trip and were wondering what else Bi was capable of doing.

Ronald had Bi lie naked on the kitchen table spreading wide showing her big clit protruding from her hot cunt. Bi was all excited she loved being naked and always ready for sex no matter what kind it would be. Okay Bi play with your big clit and don't stop until you have a big orgasm. BI started jacking her clit with her new gold ring attached quickly she became hot and wet her tits harden and nipples stood erect Bi was loving it that all her friends were watching her. Her body was hot and cunt lips swelled she was OOOHHHH so hot and starting to tremble OOOHHHH FUCK, OH FUCK, faster she played with her clit now she screamed as she lost control FUCK ME, FUCK ME, Tina smiled "Bi tell me what you are honey" "she asked" I'M A WHORE, A FUCKING SLUT WHORE ,FUCK ME PLEASE, FUCK ME I'M SO FUCKING HOT AND HORNY FIST ME TINA. FUCK ME. Now her piss hole spasmed and she pissed a stream out on the floor. Ronald and Jane told Bi keep going honey keep going ,fuck your cunt play with your clit. Bi did as told then she shook and pissed again and released and huge load of white creamy cum fluid from her gapping cunt. Ronald and Jane knew this would happen and had glasses ready to catch her cum juice. Bi was still very excited when she climb down from the table. What the fuck happened "she asked". I feel fucking hot I what to fuck some more. Wait, Wait, " Ronald said". Jane will show you what you did. Now it was Jane's turn to take the table. Naked and excited because she hadn't released her juices for several days. Her cunt hole was already wet and swollen from watching Bi fuck herself. Jane quickly jacked her clit and followed what Bi had done. She also pissed on the floor screaming with her trash mouth OOOOHHHH yes this is it i'm coooommming FUCK, SHIT, FUCK, FUCK FUCK. Marie laughingly asked are you like Bi honey. OOOOHHH YES, OH YES. what are you she teased. I'M A WHORE, A FUCKING WHORE, SUCK FUCK OOOOHHH, COCK ,I WANT TO FUCK, FUCK, FUCK. Her piss hole spasmed and she piss on the floor followed by a huge creamy load that was caught by Marie this time.

Ron told Marie and Tina the white cum was because of the vitamins and protein the girls were taken and also made them extra horny.

Ronald had Marie and Tina get involved by having them Piss some of there hot liquid in a glass also the rest on the floor. While Ronald pissed some in a glass. The three girls laid and played in the piss on the floor waiting for Ronald.

Ronald mixed four cunt and cock piss drinks for all share. With drinks mixed with cum and piss held high they all cheered and made a toast to each other. "To all us whores Tina said" they all agreed.

Bi,Tina, Marie and Jane all kissed Ronald thanking him for his kindness. Of course they all seen the pictures and film of Bi giving birth and fucking and sucking the dogs at the show without a doubt they all agreed Bi was the best and biggest fucking dog whore. Bi loved the title she was given as she finished her piss cocktail.

The girls and Ronald now went to the bedroom were the girls fist fucked and suck one another. Ronald jacked off waiting to shoot his load on or in one of the cunts in his bed. They all fucked and sucked each other and letting Toro join in on the fun.

When the girls feel a sleep except Bi she came to Ronald asking him for one more fucking for the night. Horny and wet she wanted more. Ronald was willing to have Bi again so he placed his cock in her mouth and turn putting his face in her wet cunt. Ronald loved fucking and sucking his new whore and knew he would have to share her with Jane and Toro. Bi on the other hand also knew she would have to share Ronald with Jane. Tina and Marie would go back to there own homes but, would stay fuck friends forever.

Ronald sucked on Bi's huge clit as she sucked his hard cock. Ronald knew the liquid protein was working very well by the way Bi's hot sexual craving never ended and he love what she had turned into a sex queen. Ronald never stop sucking Bi's clit till she piss and spent her hot creamy juices from her cunt in his face and mouth. She couldn't scream like before because his cock was deep in her throat. When Ronald released his cum in her mouth and down her throat he lifted himself from her face and turned to face her pissing a hot stream in her mouth. She drank every bit and didn't miss a drop. Ronald was ready for some sleep so Bi left him with a hot kiss on his lips and turned to Toro. Ronald watched in the overhead mirror as Bi fondle Toro's cock then began sucking his hard red dick. Bi stop sucking Toro's cock long enough to ask Ronald a question. Ronald can I fuck you and Toro at the same time? Yes Bi we can do a threesome.