girls in love with animals? Wow, that's hot!


This site is dedicated to zoophilia fantasy. You will see pictures of pretty girls loving their pets and pets loving them back, but no sex whatsoever. Although all these images are of a decent nature, guys with strong imagination may see some erotic potential in them. There is no pornography here, no bestiality, no animalsex, no zoosex or any other explicit stuff. However, any image could eventually light up sexual fantasies in dirty minds. Pics and videos of this kind can be seen everywhere on the Internet, we just repost them here for fun and your enjoyment. So, in other words, if you:

  • enjoy the view of a girl walking down the street with a dog on a leash,
  • get an erection when a woman is cuddling and kissing her pet in public,
  • have a naughty thoughts about "Beauty and the Beast" fairy tale,
  • expected Scooby Doo to hump Daphne and Welma during the movie,
  • simply put, you are a sexual maniac thinking about sex all the time...

...well, then you are at the right place! Visit our Photo and Video sections and see pretty girls playing games with their pets. Read Stories about zoophilia fantasies and send us your own stories, if you have any. Finally, visit our Links page for some very interesting, original and unique websites. Go on and have fun!

First of all, check out this ultra cute and skinny girl named Bilola. We've heard rumors about her being very perverted and horny all the time, but also, she was a zoophile in the past. Bilola and her Great Dane were known as a "real life Daphne and Scooby Doo", due to an incredible similarity to movie characters. Who knows, maybe it's true, maybe not, but anyway, you can visit her website by clicking on the picture below: